AND THE DAY CAME, when the desire to remain the same was more painful than the risk to change

Welcome to Zambini Experience!

As a young man I was dubbed Zambini by a friend in school.  At first this name troubled me and this is probably why so many took to calling me this.  After a day or two, this is all I heard (even a couple of teachers).  Soon I realized that I had never heard anyone called this.  The uniqueness satisfied a deeper longing and besides, it sure beat most of the other things I was or could be called.

After moving away I decided to use this name as an alter ego, business, catch-all name.  This label, simply put, was/is from the 3rd person; my life experience and effort (that I choose to share).

My desire for this site is to be useful, for me and for you.  Hopefully what is presented here, both in idea and substance will be of use.  That is my deepest wish in life, to be functional on all levels and to be useful to my Self, my loves, and those who come to interact with me.

I warn you I grow slow.  The slogan has been with me or many years.  It is apt.  It is a fallback phrase that helps me move on when I've grown tired of my ruts.  No matter how high or how low I tread, the beauty of life calls.  Sometimes quietly, sometimes with a club to the back of the head.  Always with love.  I am reminded of a poem by Dick Whitney, "Call of the Wind":

I will love you, even tho you turn in silence from my call;
Love you alone in the dark of your Soul;
And love you still for the passions you sold;
And love you beyond the hour you have grown cold;

And this I give along the way;
That should you find but turn away;
That I shall love you always;
For Love,  is the nature, of My way.

Welcome to Zambini Experience!  I hope that what I have to offer is of value to you.  But that is for you to decide.

May The Blessings Be,

Martin Kinnaman